The Meaning of Globalization: From Ulrich Beck’s Vision to the Rise of Anti-Globalization (5)

Nowadays, world governments are so busy with tackling the unwanted side effects of globalization, such as digital crime, imbalanced distribution of wealth, etc. because when border “disappears”, the distance between any nation-states or political entities also become meaningless. Here, it is necessary to indicate that there is a close relationship between border and distance. Generally speaking, distance can cause separation and prevent communication between peoples. As the outcome of the establishment of political border, separation is a very end which helps control the free-floating of population. On the other hand, distance can be a substantial protection for the political. Therefore, if border becomes “dysfunctional”, distance can no longer be existed. The consequence of this is: various politico-social risks like terrorism and human diseases would easily spread from one country to another.

(See: The Theory and Practice of Anti-Globalization Movement: Case Studies of the Independent Media in the Chinese Societies – Hong Kong and Taiwan. Bonn: Bonn University. 2014)