The Qualitative Influence of the Independent Media (8)

“Kuang Chung-Shiang[1] argues Taiwan has a population of independent media audience about ten to twenty thousand. If local independent media do more collective actions for developing people’s public consciousness (e.g. reporting particular social issues together at the same time), a dissenting power could be made for pressuring the authorities (to do more for tackling the concerned issues actively).”[2]

Kuang argues Taiwanese independent media have their basic audience. The fact of the existence of the audience proves that the activistic media in Taiwan do have certain social influence, meaning a group of locals is recognizing the media’s journalistic works. Especially, through the internet-based independent media people can follow the “real” news and share them with others easily. The point is how to effectively convert such influence into a concrete social power to pressure the authorities’ policy-making.

(See: The Theory and Practice of Anti-Globalization Movement: Case Studies of the Independent Media in the Chinese Societies – Hong Kong and Taiwan. Bonn: Bonn University. 2014)

[1] Kuang Chung-Shiang (Guan Zhongxiang管中祥) is Associate Professor of the Department of Communication, National Chung Cheng University, Taiwan (臺灣中正大學傳播學系).

[2] See: Chyng (2009). Farmers Get Nothing: Long Road For Independent Media (農再吃癟獨立媒體路迢迢). Retrieved 1 November, 2011, from the Chyng blog: