The Qualitative Influence of the Independent Media (7)

In Hong Kong and Taiwan, the two independent media movements are encountering a negative socio-political situation different from that of the “IMC”: for example, the social role of “” and “” is generally not to be understood or recognized by most people living in the societies. Obviously, the form of this phenomenon is related to the historical developing context of Chinese political civilization. As mentioned, the main function of independent media is to create a social power against the dominative pressure from the Establishment on people that it is valuable for activists and dissentients wherever in the East or in the West. However, the point is that the basic attitude of the Chinese people and even of the rulings to the positive role of the independent media is not so clear in the two societies. The evidence of arguing this is that, for instance, “” is still not to be legally recognized by the Taiwanese authorities as “media organization” for journalism, like a general media. This fact shows the current difficult development of the independent media that is connected with the relatively complicated socio-political circumstance formed in the Chinese societies.

(See: The Theory and Practice of Anti-Globalization Movement: Case Studies of the Independent Media in the Chinese Societies – Hong Kong and Taiwan. Bonn: Bonn University. 2014)